Create an instant raffle using mobile phone numbers. Phone+Raffle=Phraffle!
Suggested Instructions for Audience Giveaways
  • Have everyone at your event stand up.
  • Tell audience to remain standing only while their phone number matches the pattern.
  • Click/Tap the last digit to make it stop spinning. 90% of the audience should now be seated.
  • Click/Tap the next digit and see if anyone is left standing. If not, re-spin it and try again.
  • Last person standing wins.
  • With an audience of 100 people, it typically works between 2 to 4 clicks.
  • This app uses HTML5 AppCache, so it will run offline on both desktop and mobile browsers
  • Audiences of more than 10,000 people require an enterprise license. Cost=$20k -- PayPal accepted ;-)
  • Powered by considerably less than 100 cores on Google Cloud Platform